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10 Tips to Maintain Order During Back to School

September 26, 2018 in My Services

10 Tips to Maintain Order During Back to School

September 26, 2018 in My Services

10 Tips to Maintain Order During Back to School

Back to school is a transitional time for the whole family. Kids are rushing out the door, lunches are being packed, carpool lines are forming, and early bedtimes are calling. With so many new things to adjust to, it is easy for things to get misplaced. There are things that parents can do to maintain order and cleanliness throughout the year.

Here are 10 Things You Can Do To Maintain Order For The Back To School Season:

1) Simplify Packed Lunches

Create a space in your fridge that is designated for packed lunch items. Get a plastic container and label it, “Packed Lunch.” Place items that you bought specifically for your child’s lunch in that container. Doing this simple trick will help you get your child’s lunch made quickly and neatly.

2) Have a Designated Backpack Station

Having a designated backpack station will help your children get in the habit of keeping your house clean. Kids tend to place items wherever they wish. When all the school items are in one spot, it prevents the early morning scramble of trying to find a specific thing at the last minute.

3) Use a Dry-Erase Magnetic Calendar

A magnetic calendar goes right on your fridge and is there for the whole family to see. This a great way to maintain good communication with your spouse about school events, your children’s appointments, and pick up times. Another benefit of using a magnetic calendar is that it stays in one spot. It will not get scattered all over the house. When you and your spouse wake up for your morning coffee, the whole day will be organized on your fridge.

4) Storage for Games and Toys

Get one large container for games and toys. Label the Container, “Games and Toys.” Put your child’s favorite toys in this container. This is great because it limits the distractions during homework, and motivates kids to get their homework done on time so they can have play time. This simple trick will create a healthy habit in your kid’s life.

5) Have A Phone Box For Homework Times
Phones are distracting. Get a box and label it “Phones.” During homework time have your kids place their phones in the box. Homework will get done faster and more efficiently.

6) Have a Designated Homework Spot

Pick a spot in your home that is only for homework. Put all the supplies your child will need in that one spot. This will prevent pens, pencils, and essential paperwork from scattering all over your house.

7) Clean as you Go, Instead of Cleaning a Lot All at Once

The school week can get hectic. Instead of cleaning large piles of messes at one time, get in the habit of cleaning as you go throughout your day. For example, after breakfast wipe off the countertops. Sweep a little once a night. Do small loads of laundry more frequently. This tip will help maintain order in your home during a busy school week.

8) Label Bins for Important Paperwork

Nothing is more frustrating than misplacing important paperwork. Label small bins with words that fit their function. Instead of tossing paperwork around wherever you want, throw it into its designated bin. You don’t have to deal with the paperwork right away, just know where it is.

9) Keep All Outdoor Shoes in One Spot

The easiest way to get your house dirty is to track in all the gross germs from outside. Think about everywhere your shoes have been, do you want those germs in your house? Place a shoe rack by the door, and place all your most used outdoor shoes on the rack. When anyone comes to your home, have them take off their shoes. This simple trick will help keep a lot of germs from festering in your home.

10) Organize Kids Clothes by Day of the Week

Purchase a five drawer container, and label each drawer a day of the week. Put an outfit with socks in each drawer. Each day of the week your child will have their outfit picked out and ready to go. This will limit the stress of outfit drama before your kids head out the door for school.

Implementing these simple tricks will help you stay organized throughout the school year. Have a great school year!


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