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10 Places to Shop for Fall Décor When You’re on a Budget

October 5, 2018 in My Services

10 Places to Shop for Fall Décor When You’re on a Budget

October 5, 2018 in My Services

10 Places to Shop for Fall Décor When You’re on a Budget



During the holidays, expenses can add up. There are so many people to buy for and so many things to do. If you enjoy hosting holiday parties, holiday décor is a must. The transition out of summer into fall requires some changes around the house to set the perfect mood for your incoming guests.  Holiday décor such as throws, pillows, dishes, candles, and trinkets can get expensive. However, making your home beautiful for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive. Decorating for the holidays also doesn’t have to be complicated and cluttered. Purchasing things that you can use over again is a smart move. Additionally, keep the amount of holiday décor purchases to a minimum, so things don’t look messy. The simpler the better.


There are plenty of places/stores that are budget friendly. The items from these places don’t look cheap or old. (You have to spot out the treasures!) These items are often overstock, lightly used, or things that didn’t sell. It doesn’t mean that the items sold here look bad or are damaged. With a good eye and a little design skills, you can make these items fit perfectly in your home.


Here are 10 Places to Shop for the Fall Décor on a Budget:


  • TJ Maxx


  • Goodwill


  • Garage Sales


  • Nordstrom’s Rack


  • Michael’s Craft Store


  • Bloomington Coat Factory


  • The “LetGo” App


  • Facebook MarketPlace


  • Amazon


  • Marshalls



I wish you the best during this holiday season. The holiday season is a special time for family, food, and fun. Remember to cherish all the moments with your loved ones. I firmly believe that your home is a place that should represent peace, comfort, and simple beauty. If you need help getting your home in order for the holiday season, give me a call. I would love to help! (805) 796-8194


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