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About Teri

My name is Teri Sangster and I hold a firm belief that a home is so much more than a building, but rather, a reflection of who you are. My passion? To transform houses into homes and ensure that your home speaks to who YOU are. Because I know that your style is just as unique as you are, I listen to you, understand your sense of style, and then create your own inspired home alongside you, tailored to who you are with the budget you have. I look forward to inspiring you to have the home you have always imagined.

My inspired skills include (but not limited to!):

Interior Decorating



Un-Pack & Put Away Service

Donate & Discard

Home Staging

My passion for homes came to fruition when I spent two years backpacking around the world, taught English in Japan, and then finally going to South Africa to engage in mission work. Through all my traveling, I had the opportunity to be in beautiful homes all over the world. I realized that creating a beautiful home has nothing to do with the latest style or fad, your furniture, or “perfect kitchen,” but about being able to welcome people into your life through that one peaceful place that reflects who you are: your home. Because I believe homes are so much more than houses, I want to invite you into my life through my home, and inspire you to do the same. 

A Little More About Me

I have worked on a farmhouse in France. I traveled there to decorate, simplify, and stage a beautiful farmhouse. I have worked with high profile people which required full confidentiality agreements. I am very discrete and trustworthy. I am willing to travel out of the area. I have worked in Nashville, TN and on the beautiful coast of Florida. I have worked in various styles of homes ranging from beach houses, farm-style homes, and traditional neighborhood homes. I am willing to work with everyone’s individual style and preferences. 

Please check out my “Success Stories” page to read more about what my clients have said. 

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About Me

About Me

My Name is Teri Sangster. I have a passion for making houses feel like homes. I am a wife and a mother to three children. I love my two dogs, Hank and General. I believe that simple living can change lives. I live in Westlake Village, CA. More About Me!

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