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My Services

My Services include: Relocation Un-Packing Organizing Decorating Home Staging Outdoor Decorating See more about what I do here.

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For Our Community

After everything that has happened in our community this last month, I wanted to share my deepest condolences and help. I know that our beautiful Conejo Valley is in recovery mode. With the nature of my job, I often am…

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A Little More About Teri

Favorite Room in the house: Living Room (because it is the most peaceful and inviting) Favorite Color(s) to decorate with: Whites and creams and natural colors Favorite Item in her House: Fiddle fig tree in the living room because it is…

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Five Creative Storage Containers

Use an old ice bucket in the bathroom for excess toilet paper Toilet paper doesn’t have to be ugly! Update your bathroom with this quick + beautiful fix. Use mason jar for silverware You get to save precious drawer space +…

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About Me

About Me


My Name is Teri Sangster. I have a passion for making houses feel like homes. I am a wife and a mother to three children. I love my two dogs, Hank and General. I believe that simple living can change lives. I live in Westlake Village, CA. More About Me!

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