Be Inspired

I want to inspire you to love the home you are in TODAY. You can have your dream home – because a home is not about what the home looks like, but how one feels when one enters into it. I’d love to partner with you in this transformation, but here are some tips and tricks in the meantime.

A Little More About Teri

By Terisangster | July 13, 2017

Favorite Room in the house: Living Room (because it is the most peaceful and inviting) Favorite Color(s) to decorate with: Whites and creams and natural colors Favorite Item in her House: Fiddle fig tree in living room because it is so life-giving! Most Unusual Project: Designing and organizing a two kitchen house! Most Fun Project: Redesigning an entire …

Five Creative Storage Containers

By Terisangster | July 13, 2017

Use an old ice bucket in the bathroom for excess toilet paper Toilet paper doesn’t have to be ugly! Update your bathroom with this quick + beautiful fix. Use mason jar for silverware You get to save precious drawer space + update your kitchen in a rustic, adorable way. Use candy dishes for candles or flowers …