Success Stories

I’ve worked in over 200 homes in the past seven years – and loved every minute of it. However, after whatever I’ve done in their house, the real “success story” is how my clients can transform from feeling ashamed of their cluttered house to feeling proud of their new inviting + inspired homes.

"The moment I saw Teri’s home, a sense of peace came over me. I know it sounds corny, but I don’t know how else to describe it. It was everything I had ever dreamed about for my own home, but could never make happen. Her style was elegant, yet comfortable. It was peaceful, simple, beautiful and wonderfully natural. I could not put my finger on how Teri made her home so warm and inviting until I was blessed enough for her to help decorate my home."

Kathleen Herren
Owner, American Vision Windows

"My closet has never looked like this. I would highly recommend Teri Sangster to anyone who needs help with organizing their closet! Everything has it's place and it is very easy for me to keep it looking perfect. I love going into my closet everyday and getting dressed!"

Debbie Goldberg

“Teri’s home sold in just 2 weeks for more than the asking price! I am convinced that the reason we were able to sell it so fast was because of her home’s immaculate appearance and beautiful presence. Teri's has a knack for keeping a very organized home free of clutter. In fact, all of Teri's homes have looked and felt like she hired a very expensive designer.”

Leticia Bonilla

“Thank you, thank you, Teri. Cleaning out my closet was something I had wanted and started to do many times but having you do it and so FAST, was fabulous! When I woke up this morning, I couldn't wait to see it again. My husband was so impressed that he wants for you to clean out the office!”

Liz Muench
Mary Kay Consultant

“Teri has a natural talent in design and organization. She is extremely easy to work with and you will be thrilled with the result! I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Stephanie Anderson

“Teri Sangster is a closet miracle worker! She helped me go through all my stuff, sort out, figure out what is in style and out (in my case "frumpy-looking"), and then organized it for me into sections based on season, style, and color! She also helped me figure out what I can wear with what and suggested a few items to get that could complete some of my wardrobe. I felt so FREE afterwards. I now look forward to going into my closet and for finding something to wear. You will LOVE her!”

Camille Block

"Teri is a fabulous designer with great ideas that can transform any living space! She stayed within our budget, was so easy to work with, and was great at using things we already had! We would recommend her to anyone!"

Malea Usell

“I recently met with Teri Sangster through bogopod, she came in and redid an entire closet and not only straightened it to perfection but made it look like a boutique, I could see it will just make my life easier, I intend to hire Teri to help get the rest of my house in order, she is very pleasant and fun to work with.”

Sharon Bass

“Teri came into my space and totally transformed it into a fully functional workspace. Her talents include tying together practicality with aesthetics. Exactly what I needed! I'm so happy with the outcome! Excited about our next project!"

Jennifer Maxcy
Owner, Hoot n' Anny

“This was the most incredible productive day!
Teri absolutely phenomenal. She came through my house and organized 5 rooms and outside too! Teri is motivating! I was cleaning and getting rid of stuff along side her. This was amazing! She truly makes your home an inspired home!”

Robin Ann Gorelick

“Teri from Inspired Home accompanied me to France to work on furnishing, organizing and decorating my home in the countryside. She was the most amazing help, very efficient, always ready for the next project. Hands on everything from picking fabric to loading furniture, organizing and decorating. She provides great advice without overpowering your own choice. She was a real trooper for the entire job! I highly recommend her for any project.”

Sabrina Barthe
Owner, Chocolatine

“Teri was a huge help to me! She reorganize my office in away that only she could have done. She cleared away clutter making the space peaceful. My personal office space is more efficient and professional!“

Dr. Alan Rosenthal
Owner, Whole Health Family Chiropractic

“We have been working with Teri for the past 2 months and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We are currently re-furnishing several rooms in our house and in this short amount of time, she completely understands our tastes and tells us what works. Teri's expertise has been invaluable…so much so that all of the furniture has been purchased. She is very intuitive and knows what needs to be done while maintaining continuity from room to room. Teri is very skilled and we would highly recommend her to anyone regarding home decorating/organization.”

Alice and Jerry Domke

"Teri is the best purchase I have ever made on any website! She came into our crazy home complete with three children, two working parents and a hectic lifestyle and transformed our home into an organized, relaxing environment. After six years of being in our home, it had gotten out of control and filled with way more items than we could possibly ever use. Teri calmly helped us get rid of unnecessary and closet-filling items with her "less is more" philosophy. It is much easier to stay organized after you have had Teri in your home because she makes you realize how wonderfully calming being organized is for you. We love Teri and would recommend her to everyone!"

Jackie Lang

“When I hired Teri to come & help me out with my office, I never expected that we could get SO much accomplished in just two hours! Teri was like a whirlwind, taking things out of my office, so that we could re-arrange a better way for me to get into areas that I used often. I thought that maybe we’d be able to clean off & organize one section of my office, due to the fact that for the last 5 years, it had become my family’s “catch all” room, & was highly un-organized & laden with lots of loose paperwork! Well, to my surprise & delight, Teri not only helped me to bring order to chaos, but we also got through my entire office!! All those loose papers were put neatly into filing cases, I could now easily get to the section of my office that I previously had to trip over things to get to, & I got rid of so much extra stuff that I didn’t even realize had accumulated!! I am in AWE of this amazing woman, who is not only an expert at what she does for people but also makes the whole process fun & enjoyable! I now love going into my neat & orderly office & am proud to show it off whereas before I was ashamed for people to see it since it was the messiest room in our home!”

Shana Daniels
Owner/operator, Personal Best Fitness

“I craved a warmth and a refuge for my family that was both cozy and fulfilling. I wanted colors and textures that were soothing and peaceful after a long and weary day. Teri understood that desire and related to it perfectly.
Honestly, after the first time Teri entered my house and began moving misplaced furniture around , it began to feel like "my home". She arranged things in a new and beautiful way. The day after our first meeting, I had coffee in a room that I had never really sat in before. She effortlessly created an inviting place for me to enjoy the beginning of my day. And all this without purchasing anything!
Our homes are meant to be so much more than just an address full of beautiful things. It is a place to nurture ourselves and our loved ones and I feel like Teri does so much more than decorate, organize and rearrange. She truly has helped me say "Home sweet Home"."

Lee Ann Chouchanian

Teri didn't make my "house a home", she made my beach condo, a masterpiece!  I loved it before she came in it (and she did too!), but, it wasn't quite fitting our needs. I had even hired a designer from one of my favorite local high end store here and they were stumped as to how to make it happen. Teri, within minutes of coming in to my condo, knew the solution. Because of Teri's vision, we now have a condo that makes it hard to leave!  The beauty of her work is that she pulled from things I already owned but made them more usable.  Nothing went to waste. There was no pressure but the few things she did find for me were, for lack of a better term, were game changers!  The best part is it still is full of the things I loved. Teri just made me love them more!

Anastasia Payne

I love it!
Teri has helped our family several times to reimagine various spaces in our home. For this project, Teri helped me create an office space for me and my assistant. As always, Teri was creative and efficient and brought together a clean, modern, energizing space.
-Casey, Westlake Village



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