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My favorite method of design is home styling – the art of creatively utilizing what you already own to redesign any room in a way that reflects who you are. I love surprising inspired men and women with the power of simplifying, organizing, and rearranging. Check out my work and see how I can partner with you to create the home you’ve always imagined!
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“The moment I saw Teri’s home, a sense of peace came over me.  I know it sounds corny, but I don’t know how else to describe it.  It was everything I had ever dreamed about for my own home, but could never make happen.  Her style was elegant, yet comfortable. It was peaceful, simple, beautiful and wonderfully natural.  I could not put my finger on how Teri made her home so warm and inviting until I was blessed enough for her to help decorate my home.”

–Kathleen Herren, Owner of American Vision Windows

“My closet has never looked like this.  I would highly recommend Teri Sangster to anyone who needs help with organizing their closet!Everything has it’s place and it is very easy for me to keep it looking perfect.  I love going into my closet everyday and getting dressed!!!!!”

–Debbie Goldberg

“Teri’s home sold in just 2 weeks for more than the asking price!  I am convinced that the reason we were able to sell it so fast was because of her home’s immaculate appearance and beautiful presence. Teri’s has a knack for keeping a very organized home free of clutter.  Infact, all of Teri’s homes have looked and felt like she hired a very expensive designer.”

–Leticia Bonilla, Realtor

“Thank you, thank you, Teri.  Cleaning out my closet was something I had wanted and started to do many times but having you do it and so FAST, was fabulous!  When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t wait to see it again. My husband was so impressed that he wants for you to clean out the office!”

–Liz Muench, Mary Kay Consultant

“Teri has a natural talent in design and organization. She is extremely easy to work with and you will be thrilled with the result! I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

–Stephanie Anderson


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For Our Community, I am Here for you.

After everything that has happened in our community this last month, I wanted to share my deepest condolences and help. I know that our beautiful Conejo Valley is in recovery mode. With the nature of my job, I often am given free household items. Read More: Here 

Located in the Beautiful City of Westlake Village, CA.

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About Me

About Me

My Name is Teri Sangster. I have a passion for making houses feel like homes. I am a wife and a mother to three children. I love my two dogs, Hank and General. I believe that simple living can change lives. I live in Westlake Village, CA. More About Me!

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