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H o m e   S t y l i n g

My favorite method of design is home styling - the art of creatively utilizing what you already own to redesign any room in a way that reflects who you are. I love surprising inspired men and women with the power of simplifying, organizing, and rearranging. Check out my work and see how I can partner with you to create the home you've always imagined!

a   t a s t e   o f   T e r i

Clients Love Teri

"We are currently re-furnishing several rooms in our house and in this short amount of time, she completely understands our tastes and tells us what works. Teri's expertise has been invaluable. She is very intuitive and knows what needs to be done while maintaining continuity from room to room. Teri is very skilled and we would highly recommend her to anyone regarding home decorating/organization."

- Alice and Jerry Domke